Governor’s Symposium 2015 entitled Governance The value of checks

Today, the Governor of Sint Maarten, His Excellency drs. E. B. Holiday, announced details regarding the 2015 Governor’s Symposium. The theme for this year’s event is Governance: The Value of Checks and Balances.
The symposium will be held on Friday June 19th, 2015 at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort and Spa. Preparations for the symposium started several months ago and are in the final stages. Professor Trevor Munroe, the Executive Director of National Integrity Action, a Jamaican civil society organization, is scheduled to provide the keynote address at the symposium. Mr. Munroe also serves as a visiting Honorary Professor at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute at the University of the West Indies. In addition to the keynote address, the program for the 2015 Governor’s Symposium includes featured speakers Mr. Miguel Alexander and Mr. Jan Beaujon. Both gentlemen are known for their vast contributions to Sint Maarten’s public and private sectors and remain active in the benefit of the social development of the island.
The theme: “Governance: The Value of Checks and Balances” encompasses the public and private sectors, as well as civil society. The Symposium Organizing Committee installed by Governor Holiday to prepare the Symposium is comprised of Ms. Casandra Janssen as chair, Mr. Bastiaan Bolt as secretary, Mr. Ajamu Baly, Mrs. Joane Dovale-Meit, Ms. Nancy Joubert, Ms. Patricia Philips, and Ms. Astrid Plantz. With the diversity of speakers, as well as a panel discussion, the 2015 Governor’s Symposium aims to intellectually engage the invited guests and stimulate thoughtful debate.
The annual Governors Symposium is considered to be a supportive platform for all invited stakeholders to focus, raise awareness and, hopefully, function as a catalyst for best practices within the community of Sint Maarten. This will be the fourth Symposium the Governor has organized. Previous themes included National Heritage, Sustainable Development and Education for Democracy.
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