PGs from Kingdom gathered in St. Maarten

Strengthening law enforcement and crime high on the subversive approach
The Attorney General (PG) of Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the BES islands,
Mr. Guus Schram, was Thursday, June 4th, 2015 hosted the kingdom
PG-consultation, which took place in St. Maarten.
Twice a year the kingdom PG consultation (KPG meeting) place,
in which the PG of Curacao, St. Maarten and the BES consultation with the PG
of Aruba and the chairman of the Dutch College of Attorney General.
Besides the preparation of the Judicial Four Parties Meeting (this
year on June 8 in St. Maarten), come in the KPG consultation other
Topics discussed. These primarily concern the alignment
of investigation and prosecution and mutual cooperation. The KPGoverleg
is thereby intended the prosecutors of different
countries for maximizing benefit from the fact that they operate within
the kingdom.
This edition is particularly discussed strengthening
law enforcement for the purpose of addressing debilitating
Crime in the Caribbean. The LAGs in different countries
discussed inter alia about the way of strengthening the
law enforcement can be completed and how the approach of undermining
crime should be concentrated.
Visits were made around the KPG consultations to the Landsrecherche
and the Coast Guard. When visiting the Landsrecherche were also
Heads of Service of the Landrecherches of Curacao and Aruba is present and
discussed included the last first year of the
improvement program. The Coast Guard gave a presentation on the
organization and working methods, and a boat trip on the
lagoon and followed along the coastline.

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