On March 27th a burglary was reported in a house on Fan Coral road in Beacon Hill. Several items were stolen by an unknown person. Detectives and the Forensic Department of the St. Maarten police force were called to the scene to investigate the burglary. Fingerprints were found on the crime scene. They were examined by the Forensic Department. It turned out that the fingerprints belonged to a known burglar that had committed other burglaries in the past. During the further investigation the male burglar, was arrested by the police on May 14th. He confessed to committing the burglary while he was being interrogated.
On May 18th a suspect in an assault case was arrested. The Prosecutor’s Office gave out a warrant for his arrest because he threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and started stalking her. The 20-year old male suspect was arrested and put in custody for further investigation.
On May 22nd a suspect was arrested by the St. Maarten police force. This man was suspected of arson and threatening a person in Christiansted drive in Dutch Quarter on February 16th 2015. He was put in custody for further investigation. This male suspect from St. Maarten was seen by witnesses when he set a car on fire. Three other cars were damaged by the fire.
On May 22nd a suspect was caught red handed when he was dealing marihuana on Cay Bay road. The male suspect, that’s originally from Jamaica, had about 16 small packages containing marihuana on him. The drugs were confiscated for further investigation. The suspect was put in custody.

An 18-year old male suspect was arrested last week on charges of burglary. The police have found concrete proof (fingerprints) that he broke in to two houses at Wellington road. During these burglaries the suspect stole two cars. The vehicles were relocated on the French side of the island. The owners of the cars were informed about this by the police. The 18-year old suspect was put in custody. He was already known by the police for committing similar crimes.