Committee of Wise Men organizes 2nd visit to Statia

The Committee of Wise men St. Eustatius, consisting of Fredis Refunjol and Jan Franssen, will visit St. Eustatius for a second time from September 4th through 7th. The Committee has once again invited the Executive Council and the Island Council for a meeting. The first time the coalition has refused to speak with the Committee, which the Committee finds extremely regrettable. The opposition and other politicians have responded to the call from the Committee.

This time, as promised, the Committee will share the Committee’s preliminary findings and would like to hear the views of the Island Council and the Executive Council on the future of the island. In addition, the Committee intends to receive and speak to anyone who has the need to do so in all openness and confidentiality. If you would like to make use of this opportunity, you can contact the Committee of Wise Men through e-mail address co**************@gm***.com.