WICB Task Force commences work

Bridgetown, Barbados – The West Indies Cricket Board Task Force comprising  chairman Michael Gordon and members Sir Wes Hall and Sir Richard Cheltenham held its initial meeting in Barbados, on Monday November 17.


The Task Force will continue its work and present its report to the Board of Directors on December 13 at their next meeting.


Chairman Gordon said he is pleased that the Task Force has commenced its work.


“While it is regrettable that the situation into which we are enquiring occurred, the Task Force recognizes the responsibility to West Indies cricket and is honoured to have been chosen for this assignment. We commit to pursuing the facts and circumstances in a fair and unbiased manner and to allow for all the critical matters to be highlighted and ventilated,” Chairman Gordon said.


The WICB Task Force was commissioned to enquire into the events which led to the premature end to the tour of India. Following is the full Terms of Reference of the Task Force.


  1. Investigate the cause of the actions perpetuated by the players leading to the withdrawal of their services. Based on the facts which emerge, the Task Force will render their opinion of the degree of culpability attributed to the WICB, to the WIPA and to the players and whether the action of the players was justifiable or considered a reasonable course of action.


  1. Examine the relationship between the West Indies Players’ Association (“WIPA”), West Indies Cricketers and the West Indies Cricket Board (“WICB”), with a view to making recommendations on the nature and structure of the relationship between WICB and the cricketers (separate and apart from the relationship between WICB and WIPA).


  1. Design and propose a fast-track dispute resolution mechanism, which would apply to ongoing tours, and give the players an expedited process through which they could ventilate any issues, so as to mitigate against the risk of future tours ending prematurely as a result of player action.


WICB attorney, Alanna Medford is secretary to the Task Force.