Central Committee Meeting of Parliament about August 29th parliament election discrepancies postponed until further notice

The House of Parliament Central Committee session that was rescheduled for November 24th about election discrepancies has been postponed until further notice.
The agenda point for discussion was the Main Voting Bureau and the Civil Registry Department concerning discrepancies that occurred during and in preparation of the August 29th parliamentary elections.
The discrepancies noted are: at the Prison polling station; usage of foreign identification for voting purposes; discrepancies at specific polling stations in ballot counting; discrepancies of the lack of privacy during the supporting of the candidate list; discrepancies in the information given to political parties as it related to placement of campaign material.
Other points to be brought forward in the Central Committee meeting are: changes in the Electoral Law as it relates to having a structured chronological order; Increase of polling stations in 2014 in comparison to 2010; Implementation of electronic voting; If there any articles that are conflicting with each other?; and if there any articles wrongfully written?
This meeting was been requested by Members of Parliament (MP) Hon. Leona Marlin-Romeo, MP Hon. Tamara Leonard and MP Hon. Cornelius de Weever.