Anastacia celebrates 35 years in civil service

On Friday evening in a private setting comprising a small group of stakeholders and immediate family members, Anastacia Simons celebrated 35 years as a civil servant. Anastacia Simmons is a social worker at the Guardianship Council on Saba. 

Director of the Caribbean Netherlands Guardianship Council, Curvin George, was present for the special occasion. "Anastacia has a passion for social welfare and care and is very driven and determined. She is seldom discouraged because she sees the silver lining to every cloudy situation. Her strongest attribute is that she never grew discouraged of working with limitations in a community as small as Saba. ", said Felicia Schmidt, , a colleague of Statia who was also present.


Anastasia is considered a pioneer in welfare and social work on Saba. In 1977 she started working for the Central Government at the Welfare Office (Bureau Welzijn Zorg) on Saba from a desk at her home due to lack of office space. This she did for one full year. In 1982 Statie, as she is called affectionately, was granted a scholarship by the government to study Social Work. She attended the Florida International University for three years. Between 1982 – 1983 she obtained an associate degree in the arts as a preparation for her Social Work career; in December of 1985 she graduated as a full-fledged Social Worker.

When the Welfare Office was transferred the government of the Island Territory of Saba she assumed another Federal government position through education. This involved preparing and guiding students who had to leave Saba to further their studies elsewhere. This she did from 1986 -1997.

In October of 1997 the Court of Guardianship opened its doors on Saba. Anastasia assumed the function of director up until 10-10-10 at which time she became a civil servant under the Dutch Central Government. She currently functions as a case investigator for the Caribbean Netherlands Court of Guardianship.

Throughout the past 35 years of dedicated service Anastacia has had to apply a great deal of creativity in her work with both adults and youth on Saba. She discovered many different ways to reach out to the youngsters of Saba. By holding different workshops, seminars and informative evenings she connected with people on a social, sports, educational, beauty pageant or spiritual level. Regardless to age, Anastasia made a connection.

"After 35 years of loyal service she has never lost focus of what her purpose is as a Social Worker; that every person counts, no one should go unnoticed and that we need to remain a community that cares. From church groups to volunteer groups to child focus groups and social activity groups, Anastasia Simmons has truly served her community. With her patient, relaxed and calming attitude for more than half of her life she has dedicated her time, her life and her career to do more than just a job, but rather to SERVE others whom she felt needed it most", remarks Felicia Schmidt, a colleague on St. Eustatius for the past 7 years.

Curvin George is proud to congratulate Anastacia for her 35 years of great service to the society, on behalf of The Child protection Agency (Voogdijraad BES) and also on behalf of Sybren van Dam (managing director RCN) and Reinier ter Kuile (managing director BD/DJJ).