Prime Minister Hopes to Have Proposal on Campaign Reform Discussed in the COM Shortly

Says Politicians Should Also be Held Accountable for Campaign Promises

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams has emphasized that political parties and the campaign promises of politicians should be held accountable through new laws related to electoral reform.


The PM’s comments were made as renewed discussion arised last week regarding campaign and electoral reform within the community. "It is no secret that I have been championing electoral reform as I sincerely believe that we should avoid it being intimidating for persons to be casting their vote. I am a proponent of a more sober voting environment, of people understanding what parties and candidates are saying to them and voters understanding what things are feasible and understandable, to hold politicians accountable for the campaign promises they make. As little as possible voters should be disappointed with regards to who gets into Government and what the vision of that Government is. The political parties need to be clear and as honest with the people. I am feeling dissatisfaction from persons expecting from their Government the world while the world cannot be delivered for various reasons. I think that we should surely strive for a campaign where the electorate is informed and the message to the electorate what they can expect from their Government," stressed the PM.

The Prime Minister was also quoted as saying that she is investigating the possibilities of the various ways electoral reform may look at and that she expects to propose discussion points to the Council of Ministers within three weeks. "I am looking at electoral reform in general considering what we have been seeing for the last few years, including the changing of factions and giving up seats. I would like to propose that I prepare a position paper and discuss this with parliament and discuss where we want to go with this and then subsequently move to the drafting of legislation and moving it through Parliament.

"I consider that campaign reform as proposed by Parliament a priority and I am looking at some proposals in this respect and I hope to have in the next three weeks the first discussion paper to discuss this matter in the Council of Ministers," concluded the PM.