Team Roel ten Hoopen and Rhone Findlay Win First Ever Lagoon Sailing Team Racing Lagoon Championship

Training and Coaching Event Being Offered Next Saturday for Beginning and Intermediate Sailors

Last Saturday Lagoon Sailing held the first Sailboat Team Racing Lagoon Championship in the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Team Racing is a more complex form of the sport of yacht racing in that a team of boats race against other teams as is opposed to single boats racing against each other.


Team racing is popular in areas where small boats are sailed and the complications of sailing are overlaid with the complications of sailing as a team and the resulting strategic consequences.

Photo: LSRC1: Team Roel ten Hoopen across the finish line first during the first Lagoon Sailing Team Racing Lagoon Championship (photo by Tadzio Bervoets).

Photo: LSRC2: The three Jeanneau 20’s going head to head during last Saturday’s racing event (photo by Tadzio Bervoets).

Saturday’s Team Race Championship, sponsored by Coors Light Racing, resulted in the top spot going to the team led by Roel ten Hoopen and Rhone Findlay. During light wind conditions both teams brought well-executed team racing tactics and consistent and high-level boat speed. Together both teams managed to dominate the event in spite of significant efforts by the competing teams. With the two-boat team-racing format, the engagement with the competition remained high until the very end of the short races, with particularly Roel ten Hoopen being able to use the various engagements to leverage success.

The second place slot went to the team of Robbie Ferron and Andrea Scarabelli, showing good speed on many occasions, however the team lacked the edge every time they came up against the winners. The third team, led by John Gifford and Jolyon Ferron, were able to engage with the competition almost every race keeping the interest factor during the races high.

The three teams sailed three round robins, with nine races being sailed overall. A team of three lady race officers led by Laurey Ann Findlay made it possible to keep the organizational pace up and umpire David de Vries played a pivotal role in making the event a success. After the races the intensity was cooled by cold Coors Light Beers enjoyed on the Budget Marine Waterfront.

Next week Lagoon Sailing will again be offering a Training and Coaching day to beginning sailors who are invited to make contact to register on a per person basis. Five boats will be available for beginning and intermediate sailors and a few experienced coaches are welcomed to participate. Those interested can send an email to ro***********@bu**********.com