Inso spa, the Company who signed on September 19th 2016 the contract for the construction of the new hospital after submission of the most competitive offer, announced that preliminary design has been completed and that it is ready to start detailed design and construction activities, aiming to provide a modern, efficient health infrastructure at the soonest.

The execution of the contract is currently stuck by a court judgement rendered at the end of a lawsuit filed by the competitor Vamed and, while the judicial procedure goes on (SZV has appealed the decision), the implementation of the project has already suffered serious delays, depriving St. Maarten’s population of a hospital which is strongly needed to enhance the quality of health care on the island.

“We are dismayed by the motivations argued by our competitor, due to which the court has issued its verdict” stated Mr. Alessandro Cambri, Inso Caribbean Area Manager “It’s very hard for us to understand the reason of such a situation. Our offer has obtained a very high quality score during the technical evaluation carried out by five different teams of independent international advisors with proven experience in hospital projects worldwide and specifically in the Caribbean. What’s surprising the most is that the advisors have evaluated all the aspects of Inso’s offer in a transparent and in-depth process that has no precedent in the history of public procurements in Sint Maarten, but nonetheless groundless allegations by Vamed have managed to hinder the development of the project”.

“We also offered the best price” Mr. Cambri continued, “and it is time to debunk the theory that the price was abnormally low. We have carried out hospital projects for over 30 years and we can easily demonstrate that our price is definitely in line with parameters expected for buildings of this type in the Caribbean. Based on the data we have collected in years of experience worldwide and specifically in the Caribbean area, where we have participated in hospital projects and tenders such as the New National Hospital of St. Lucia, the technical platform of the Fort de France hospital in Martinique and many others, not only we are extremely comfortable with the price we offered for the St. Maarten hospital, but we consider the economic offers made by our competitors extremely high and considerably less favorable for the government and people of St. Maarten”.

Inso announced that it is acting to enforce its position by legal ways, in order to defend the good name of the company and its expertise in the specific field of hospital projects, but above all to resume as soon as possible the development of the hospital, a project of huge importance for all parties involved and especially for the citizens of St. Marteen.

February 16, 2017




INSO S.p.A. is an international “General Contractor” based in Italy, operating in the fields of Healthcare, Industrial and Tertiary infrastructures since the ‘70s. Thanks to its expertise in designing, building and managing, INSO offers a dynamic response to the needs of a wide range of industries, developing every phase of the construction process through a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach.


INSO belongs to the FERFINA HOLDING and is part of a Group of companies, led by SOCIETA’ ITALIANA PER CONDOTTE D’ACQUA S.p.A., which is currently the 3rd construction group in Italy, with a turnover exceeding € 1.300 ML  and a workforce of approx. 5.000 people.


Through over 40 years of activity INSO retains a special know-how for completing high-tech buildings, such as “turn-key” hospitals, office complexes, shopping malls, business centres, community facilities, skyscrapers, pharmaceutical and industrial plants,  schools, universities, sporting centres, etc.


INSO has been operating since the beginning in Italy and abroad (Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, China, Syria, Russia), particularly in the Mediterranean area, with a well-established presence in Greece, where the Company realized 9 hospitals, and in Malta, where it carried out  the supply and installation of medical equipment for the Mater Dei hospital (850 beds) and the construction of the T2 Shopping Mall. In Martinique it has recently completed  the construction of the Business Centre Pointe Simon, in Fort de France. In Turkey INSO was assigned the concession contract for the design, build and operation of the Kayseri Integrated Health Campus  (1583 beds). In Qatar it is providing the supply and installation of all medical equipment for the Sidra Medical & Research Centre. In Serbia it is carrying out the construction of the Clinical Centre of Nis. In France works are underway for the general hospital of Ajaccio.

Foreign branches and  subsidiaries have been established in Greece, Malta, Albania, France, St. Lucia, Algeria, Poland, Turkey, Qatar, Serbia, Chile.


For your convenience, you can find more details on our activity as well as a complete list of references visiting our website





Name of the Company:                        INSO Sistemi per le Infrastrutture Sociali S.p.A.

Headquarters:                                    Via G. Del Pian dei Carpini 1, Florence (Italy)

Telefono e Fax:                                   ph. +39 055 799271 call-center  – fax: +39 055 79927901

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Contact:                                             Alessandro Cambri – Caribbean Regional Manager

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