Two injured in car accident:

The traffic department investigated a Monday morning crash on the Jauncho Yrasquin Boulevard in the area of the Cruise facility between a Chrysler Cruiser and a Honda Civic that left two injured. The accident involved the two vehicles that were travelling towards the Cruise Facility around 07.00 am. At the moment both vehicles came in the area where the yellow and orange water barricades are placed, the driver of the Cruiser which was travelling at a high rate of speed attempted to overtake the Honda. The driver of the cruiser then swerved back to his right, he then collided with the front right side fender of the Honda. As a result the Cruiser crashed into the barrier which sent the vehicle into a tailspin whereby it finally flipped over and ended up on its top. The collision left the Cruiser seriously damaged. Personal from the ambulance department transported the two injured that were travelling in the Cruiser to the medical center where they received medical attention and later released. The traffic department was also assisted by the Fire department with the clean up of debris.