Governor appoints Marcel Gumbs and Joe Richardson as informateurs

After the consultations of Thursday September 25th, 2014, His Excellency Governor Eugene B. Holiday met again with the leader of the United People’s Party, Mr. Theodore E. Heyliger on Friday to discuss the process to come to the formation of a new government. Considering the consultations, the results of the August 29, 2014 elections, the developments of the past 4 weeks and the coalition agreement signed by the 7 members of the UP and Mr. V.H.C. de Weever, the Governor requested Mr. Joe Richardson and Mr. Marcel Gumbs to accept an assignment as informateurs.
The Governor requested Mr. Richardson and Mr. Gumbs to review the provisions of mentioned coalition agreement to assess and do all that is necessary to realize the formation of a new government that will take on the responsibility to manage the country in the interest of the people. In that respect the Governor asked the informateurs to draw attention to a number of priorities among which the public finances and the integrity of the public administration.
Mr. Richardson and Mr. Gumbs accepted the assignment. The Governor requested the informateurs to provide their final report on October 3rd, 2014.