Dave Levnstone questions: When will the Gap road be repaired?

Leader of the Democratic Party on Saba, Mr. Dave Levnstone on Monday forwarded a letter to the Executive Council of Saba regarding the road leading to the Gap area and also to Below the Gap.  

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Levenstone in his letter stated that for years now the residents in that area has been hearing government saying that there is no money to repair the road and that they are waiting on Holland to release money to help upgrade these roads.

I think that this type of talk has been going on for too long now and this is what prompted me to forward a letter calling on the Executive Council to do something about this road.

Levenstone also pointed out to the Executive Council that on Saturday last he personally witnessed medical students that live in that area trying to walk it to their apartments and had to be walking in large pools of water. Levenstone also pointed out that senior citizens that lives in that area has to walk there and they are being confronted with possibilities of one day falling down or even injuring their ankle.

The situation cannot continue any longer and especially seeing that we are now in the hurricane season something needs to be done about these two roads.

Levenstone told the media that he is not complaining because he lives in that area even if I did not live in that area I would have complained because for me it is a matter of principle that this road cannot get fixed. I would really like to hear from the Executive Council what is the hold up and when can the residents in the area expect to see government taking this matter serious enough to have the roads repaired.

Government found it fitting to go ahead and build a road leading to the landfill which in his opinion did not have any urgency behind it as this road in his opinion will wash out any how if we were to experience any hurricanes etc. Government has spent over US$ 75.000,– to have this road put in which could have waited.

Levenstone said that he sees this as total neglect on the part of the Executive Council and it seems that they are not interested in this area at all. Also bearing in mind that the Regional Service Center is located in this area one would think that the Executive Council would at least look to have the road repaired. Within short the population of Saba will have to make more use of this area as it is being said that the Saba Health Care office will be moving in that area and everyone will have to go at that office.

What is government waiting on, are they waiting for some one to get injured on that road and then come with a flimsy excuse of it was regrettable?

We are sick and tired of the type of empty promises from this Executive Council they are very good in finding all sort of excuses but this is one that they cannot continue to fool the people about.