Lasana’s new Nativity/Nativité/Natividad presented to President Gumbs

The new book Nativity/Nativité/Natividad by Lasana M. Sekou was presented here to Collectivity President Frantz Gumbs on Tuesday. 

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During the presentation in the president’s office, Sekou thanked President Gumbs for the Collectivity’s cultural arts contribution toward the French translation of the poetry, which is structured in the canto general tradition of the Americas. To top it off, the images of the original Adam and Eve sculptures by world famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero are on the book’s cover – leading President Gumbs to comment that the size of countries and territories does not prevent the networking and exchange between cultures, cultural works, and artists in the pursuit of excellence and coexistence. Sekou also thanked Alex Richards, translator of the "epic quality" poem into French. Published by House of Nehesi, a second copy of the book was presented for the territory’s archives department. The new English edition of Nativity, with its French and Spanish translations in the 220-page volume will be the main book launched at the closing ceremony of the 8th annual St. Martin Book Fair on June 5, 2010, at 8 PM, at the Public Library in Marigot (between the Collectivity’s government building, Methodist Church and Post Office). The poet will recite from his new work at the Saturday book party. Nativity/Nativité/Natividad is the St. Martin author’s first trilingual book. In photo (L-R): Hugues Maglore, general director of human development services; Lasana M. Sekou, author; Alex Richards, literary translator; Minerva Dormoy, head of the department of culture; President Frantz Gumbs, holding copy of Nativity/Nativité/Natividad; and Thierry Gombs, director of sports, culture, and youth affairs.