Man shot by his brother

Detectives are presently investigating a shooting involving two brothers. The shooting took place on Thursday morning at approximately 10.20 a.m. at their home in the Reward area. Immediately after receiving this information several police patrols, detectives, Forensic investigators and paramedics were sent to the scene to investigate what had taken place.
On the scene the investigating officers learnt from the victim, who was bleeding profusely from a wound in his face that he and his brother identified with the initial M. as last name, had gotten into an argument. At one point the argument got out of hand at which time his brother shot him in his face. On the scene the victim was treated by paramedics and then transported in stable condition to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment.
The area was immediately closed off by other officers on the scene in order for the Forensic Investigators collect evidence and the detectives to question potential witnesses. The suspect in the shooting had already fled the scene on the arrival of the police however he was arrested later after he turned himself in. The suspect remains in custody for questioning and further investigation.
The investigation is ongoing and as more information becomes available the media will be informed.