Port St. Maarten Management commends law enforcement for drug seizure at port. Mingo says seizure sends a message that law enforcement are on alert

Port St. Maarten management would like to commend the St. Maarten Customs Department and other relevant law enforcement agencies who have been involved in the successful seizure of narcotics that arrived on a vessel on Sunday from Jamaica.

The interdiction at Port St. Maarten sends a strong message to criminals that the country’s law enforcement agencies are on alert to seize and arrests any criminals attempting to use the country’s gateways for any illegal activities.

“Port St. Maarten has invested in a structure to house the agencies at our cargo facility to facilitate their hands-on approach which can be labeled as successful.

“We at Port St. Maarten will not tolerate any illegal activities.  We commend Customs for their alertness and other law enforcement agencies who played a role in this seizure effort,” Chief Executive Officer Mark Mingo said on Tuesday.