Police chase, drugs and money confiscated

On Friday September 27th at approximately 10.30 p.m. during a routine patrol of the Special Task Force, they saw a grey Ford Escape with license plate R-601 driving dangerously at a very high on the Welfare road.


The patrol also noticed that the driver was in conversation on the phone while driving. The patrol ordered the driver to stop, but instead he increased speed in order to get away from the patrol. A short chase by the patrol followed and on the Orange Grove road the driver slowed down and jumped from the vehicle leaving it in Drive. The driver then took off running into the darkness. A warning shot was fired by the patrol in order to force the d river to stop however he continued fleeing. The vehicle continued rolling forward and came to a standstill in the vicinity of Carl’s and Sons bakery. During a control of the vehicle the patrol found three plastic bangs, each containing a brick of compressed marihuana. A substantial amount of cash was found in the center console of the vehicle. The vehicle in question, the cash and drugs were confiscated for further investigation.