Temporary Bridges


In keeping with a promise made two weeks ago to create alternative parking on the Ring Road, particularly for the upcoming holiday season, Minister William Marlin announced on Sunday afternoon that three of possibly five bridges have already been placed on Sunday morning by the Maintenance Department of Public Works.



Minister Marlin said that the bridges are to help those who have difficulties finding suitable parking in Philipsburg. Already there are many persons who make use of the sand for the Ring Road to park on. But they then have to walk quite a bit to find an exit off the Ring Road. Marlin said the bridges will make it possible for persons who park on the sand to be able to get to and from their destination in Philipsburg with ease.

Apart from placing the first three of five bridges, the sand will be leveled and the grass and shrubs will be cut for better driving, walking and parking on the sand. The bridges have been built been built by employees of the Maintenance Department of Infrastructure Management. Before the end of this week, two additional bridges will be strategically placed at other locations.

The Minister further stated that the Sand Road can now only be used for parking and not as a fast lane to get in or out of Town. Drivers will not be able to enter or exit the Sand Road in the area close to the Salt Pickers Round-a-Bout next to the Police Station.

The Minister thanked Ing. Toontje Buncamper and his crew for assisting with the construction of the bridges and said he is looking forward to the other two bridges being in place very soon. Marlin further stated on Sunday afternoon that he hopes that locals and visitors alike will make good use of the bridges and that this measure will help to alleviate the parking problems we face in Philipsburg on a daily basis, but more so during the last two weeks of the year.

Signs will also be placed to direct drivers towards the entrance and exit to the parking on the Sand Road and the location of the temporary bridges. The three bridges are located across from the Post Office, across from the Central Bank and across from Soualiga Guest House.