Closing of Front Street and Back street

On Tuesday December 18th 2012 six cruise vessels will be visiting Sint Maarten and seeing the large amount of cruise passengers that will be on shore, the Police Department is informing the general public, that for safety reasons, as of 09.00 a.m. through 08.00 p.m. Front Street starting from Sea Palace to Emma plein and Back street from Emma plein to Weduwe steeg will be closed for all motor vehicle traffic.


Bus service

The bus service that usually goes through Back Street will now be redirected to the bus stop areas on the Cannegieter street, D.A. Peterson Street ( In front of the Gatsby clothing Store) and the Walter Nisbeth road opposite the Sundial School. (Open area next to "Nenn’s snack Bar.)

Taxi Service

Only 4 taxis will allowed at the taxi-stand in front of the Court House at once. The main taxi stand which is located between the Clem La Bega Square and the RBC-bank will be reserved for taxi’s only. Any other vehicles parked in this area will be towed at the expense of the owner.

Delivery Services

All delivery services delivering merchandise on these streets should have a written request made up with date, time, license plate number of the vehicle and the place where they will be making the delivery. This request should be brought to the police department where it will be approved to get access into these streets.


Illegal parking in the Philipsburg area will not be tolerated. Persons working or visiting Philipsburg should make use of the Ring road for temporary parking to avoid the risk of their vehicle being towed.