Post HBO course educational management

December 11 a group of 20 participants in NACSI’s Post HBO course Educational management received their well earned diploma during a ceremony evening in Oyster Bay.


The task for this course was given by the Division for Educational Innovation which received the funding from USONA. The course started January 2011 with 24 participants. During the course a number of group assignments had to be handed in, and then there was the final assignment. 4 Participants will do a re-sit for the final paper which will be handed in May 2013.

The intense sessions for the course were held on a monthly basis, most on two weekdays in a row. The group culture was exemplary and the ambition was high. This – and the cooperation and understanding of colleagues, school board, family and friends – made it possible for the groups comprised of 4 participants each to cope with on the job workload as well as study workload, and to meet on a regular basis.

The content of the four modules of the course were: Organization, Human resources, Leadership and Administration. Colleague consultation was an important part of the process of working and growing together. In the final assignment the integrated use and understanding of what was learnt during the four modules had to be exhibited. The final assignments dealt with the actions school management has to demonstrate to: implement a program for students with special needs, improve student’s academic outcomes, enhance the learning environment of the students, to minimalize the negative impact for students of staff Turnover and to Bridge the gap between the school and the community school.

End of January 2013 the course will start for the 6th time again in Curacao.