VKS Assists Nature Foundation with Cleanup of Little Key

Majority of Garbage Related to Wrecks

The St. Maarten Nature Foundation in cooperation with the Voluntary Korps of St. Maarten VKS held a cleanup on Little Key Island in the Simpson Bay Lagoon on Saturday December 8th.


Although the island is uninhabited there was a significant amount of Garbage found on the island which was being washed into the Simpson Bay Lagoon and which posed a threat to the various species of mangrove, birds and crustaceans which are to be found on Little Key. Chief Nature Foundation Marine Park Ranger Mr. Etienne Lake commented that a significant amount of garbage was related to the wrecks surrounding Little Key and various dinghies which were washed ashore on the island. "There was quite a bit of garbage which originated from the wreck which ran aground on the island and on which someone currently lives. We also removed some four broken dinghies from Little Key so it was a very successful cleanup," commented Lake.

The Nature Foundation has been working closely with various public and private entities and environmental organizations in establishing both Little Key and Mullet Pond as protected Areas in the Simpson Bay Lagoon. The Nature Foundation is also working closely with the St. Maarten Harbor Group of Companies in removing the various wrecks surrounding Little Key and in the Simpson Bay Lagoon in general. The boating community also applauded the cleanup effort stating that they would continuously support the efforts of the Nature Foundation as it relates to the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Some ten officers from the VKS Special Response Team were at hand for the cleanup. "We would especially like to thank the VKS Special Team for being part of this very important cleanup but also Mr. Brian Deher of IGY Marina who provided the use of a raft and tender to transport the garbage and debris, MADCO shipyard who provided a dumpster and transport of the garbage and Mr. M Davis and Carlito who also assisted. Without the hard work and cooperation of everyone involved this very important cleanup would have been impossible," read a Nature Foundation Statement.