DP Leader, Sarah Wescot-Williams expresses sentiments of concern and hope to the Jamaican Community


 The island of Jamaica, our Caribbean sister-island is currently experiencing unprecedented social unrest.  There have been and continues to be reported incidents of attacks on citizens and law enforcers alike. This has forced the government of Jamaica to put the island’s capital city under a limited State of Public Emergency.

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We realize that this mayhem which has stemmed from rebellion to prevent Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke from being arrested for possible extradition to the United States, is not only a trying time for those Jamaicans residing at home but also those living abroad.

Some of the latest headlines coming out of Jamaica:

just to name a few have caused much watchfulness, alertness, uncertainty, fear, sorrow and anxiety for the entire Jamaican community, its Caribbean neighbors and the international community.

The Democratic Party recognizes that the Jamaican Community of St. Maarten has made and continues to make valuable contributions to the development of our island territory.  We therefore regard it our duty to make known to the Jamaican community here and back home that our sympathies and prayers are with them and their families, especially those in Jamaica. We sincerely hope that the situation does not worsen further and that normality and calm will return as soon as possible. We pray for wisdom, strength, and courage for the Government officials and advisors, law enforcers and those whose task it is to aid in restoring order and normality.