Take-over of Airport Sales and passenger handling at Aruba Airport by Insel Air International

As of the end of march 2010, InselAir has taken over the Airport sales and the Passenger handling in Aruba. InselAir has decided to take this step after the representative of InselAir in Aruba has failed to deposit money of the sales to Insel’s bankaccount in Aruba. 

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This representative was summoned several times regarding the late payments. Until the end of march 2010 InselAir had no personnel in its service in Aruba. Those who were working were employers of the representative. InselAir therefore has never terminated a contract with any employee nor has InselAir accused any of those working of fraude. After the operation in Aruba was taken over, InselAir had to start employing its own people in Aruba. Nine (9) people have been taken into service in Aruba and they are already working in Sales and passenger Handling at the Aruba Airport.