Justice Committee on Saba

The Bottom, Saba: The Justice Committee of the Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles will be meeting on Saba for the next two days. 

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The delegation will be arriving in the Territory on Monday morning and will start a round of discussions behind closed doors with several persons as well as several institutions regarding the crime situation on the island of Saba.

Representatives of the two school boards are scheduled to start of the round of discussions on Monday morning at the Eugenius Johnson Center in Windwardside. The delegation will be also meeting with the Acting Public Prosecutor on Saba, Mr. Franklin Wilson and with member of the Board of the Court of Guardianship in the afternoon hours.

On Tuesday morning the committee will be also meeting with a cross section of the Saban community. Representatives from Youth, Culture, Education, Sports, Labor, Business and Health have been invited to attend this meeting with the Justice Committee of Parliament, following the meeting with the representatives from the various NGO’s the delegation will conclude their round of discussions on Saba with the Acting Local Chief of Police act. Lt. Governor Mr. Roy Smith and the Acting Division Chief of Police on Saba.

Lt. Governor of Saba, Mr. Jonathan Johnson is presently off island so he will not be able to meet the committee. The committee is being headed by Senator Marlon Jamoloodin of the PAR party on Curacao. Saba’s Senator Ray Hassell also forms part of this committee within the Antillean Parliament.

Coordinator on Saba for the visit is the Chief Protocol Officer of the Island Government of Saba, Mr. Dave Levenstone.

The delegation will depart Saba on Tuesday afternoon.