Civil Registry preparing for next elections, to call upon 1036 persons to update residential address

The total number of returned ballot cards for the Netherlands Antilles Parliamentary elections was 1036. The Civil Registry Department will be embarking on a campaign to find out where these persons are in order to have its electoral registry up to date in time for country Sint Maarten elections.  

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A plan of action has been developed to deal with the 1036 persons whose physical address has been labelled as unknown.

The plan includes publishing the names of the persons; however a letter will be sent to them first to their last known address on file. If no response is received within a certain timeframe, the follow-up will be a visit from Civil Registry Control Officers who will determine if the person is still residing at that particular address.

The Civil Registry Department is seeking the cooperation of the 1036 persons whose address is unknown, to get in contact with the office as soon as possible.

For persons who have relocated overseas, their residential physical address information is required in order to make sure the registry files are up to date.

Persons who are still registered on the island, but have died while abroad, a family member is requested to visit the Civil Registry Department in order to have the persons file updated. The family member must declare the death with a legalized death certificate (apostille stamp).

Individuals who have moved from one address to another on the island are also requested to inform the Civil Registry Department.

The aforementioned requirements are based on Article 13 sub.2 of the Basic Administration Legislation AB 1999, nr.1 which says that registered individuals who have changed their address are responsible for ensuring that this information is given to the Civil Registry Department within five days. Persons who do not adhere to this are punishable by law.

For further information you can call the Civil Registry Department at 542-2457.