Sol St. Maarten sponsors Solar Powered AC for MPC classroom #9 through project Keep a Cool Head Negotiations for solar park financing underway

The Keep a Cool Head team partnered with Sol St. Maarten, for the adoption of one more
classroom in their ‘adopt a classroom’ project which is set up to find sponsors for installing solar
powered air conditioning in the 22 MPC classrooms. Sol will pledge to sponsor the 9 th classroom.
Sol, is proud to provide safe and reliable energy solutions to its customers in St. Maarten and the
Caribbean and is pleased to support the community through this great project in which Sol and the school
board of SVOBE are additionally discussing to finance the solar park that is needed to power the air-
conditioning units.
“We are excited by the opportunity to play a key role in enabling sustainable energy solutions in St.
Maarten now and for future generations”, said Robert-Jan James, General Manager of Sol in St. Maarten
This pilot project strengthens Sol’s objective of integrating lower carbon and renewable energy into its
operations, and provide its customers and partners power generation options through its business focus
and planned investment of USD 66 million over the period of 2015 – 2025 in both, capital investment and
community support.
James and his two children graduated from MCP, the largest secondary high school of St. Maarten where
his parents were teachers; “Supporting this special project comes natural to me and to our business focus
Sol’s Corporate Social Investment programs have supported multiple community causes such as
education, sports and environment, and is focused on supporting sustainable energy initiatives. Sol
sponsors the culinary programs at Sundial and NIPA as well as the breakfast program at the Lionel
Connor School. Sol is also upgrading their basketball court and sponsored the youth sailing Optimist
Regatta. “As part of our renewable initiatives, we will look to work with the schools to develop solar
projects which will reduce their electricity bills”, James concludes.

The Keep a Cool Head team is still looking for 13 sponsors that are willing to adopt a classroom, as was
done by Port St. Maarten, Divico, La Vista Beach Hotel, Nagico, Chamber of Commerce and Notary
Mingo, amongst others.