Employability through training unveils new logo

The Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labor is pleased to unveil their innovative logo and slogan for the SEI project "Employability through Training".


The logo is circular and features the outline of St. Maarten and the gesture of partnership with the various stakeholders. The slogan of the project was developed to represent the three key components of this endeavor. The Ministry embarked on a mission to address the needs of the labor market by training and empowering persons seeking employment.

"This is a project that has my full support, as it is important to get our young people into jobs, and moreover it gives individuals the opportunity to obtain a skill(s), and get on the job training, which will only boost their potential for future jobs," said Minister of Public Health Social Development & Labor, Cornelius De Weever.

"Training Me=A Sustainable You"

"Training Me" symbolizes the participant and the needs of the average worker to be skilled and equipped with the necessary tools to not only obtain but to also maintain viable employment in the form of a career path in today’s challenging and ever changing employment market.

"= A Sustainable You" symbolizes the employer; the specific business and or organization seeking a type of committed worker, not only committed by need but also committed to the fundamental knowledge that through this company/internship lies path to greater opportunity. In a larger sense the word "You" in the slogan encompasses the society of St. Maarten and the wish of any modern society to curb unemployment for vulnerable groups.

Together, Training Me the participant equals A Sustainable You the employer/ Country St. Maarten

The power within this shared vision forms the basis of the SEI project "Employability Through Training."