Arrindell commends Voice of our Children on Essay Contest Challenging Pupils and Students

Voice of our Children (VOOC) kicked off an essay contest on May 7 challenging pupils and students of the country’s public schools to write essays on the topic: "How to encourage my peers to become more attentive in school to attain a good education and eliminate bullying."


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The contest is for third, fourth and fifth grades of elementary schools and the public secondary schools. One winner will be selected from the public elementary and public secondary school.

"I commend the VOOC for their initiative in asking part of the nation’s school going youth to delve into the two essay topics which are very much relevant issues for today’s young people.

"I encourage the pupils and students to take part and express themselves on these two important issues on being attentative in school and solutions to the elimination of bullying in our educational system.

"Eradicating bullying and bringing the sometimes deadly consequences of such behaviour to the forefront of discussions between teens and their peers, is highly commendable. This effort deserves all the support by all sectors in our community," President of Parliament Hon. drs. Gracita Arrindell said on Monday when she read about the initiative in the print media.

Essay entries must be submitted by June 15.

For more information about the contest, you can contact VOOC President S. Olivacce at Tel. 523-1361.