“ Active Parenting continues to expand to the Corporate world.”

Workshops for parents in Diamond Resort and Royal Palm Hotel- Active Parenting Now in 3 and Active Parenting of Teens" 

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In an effort to introduce the Active Parenting Program to all parents on Sint Maarten, DERPI continues to take the program to the private sector.

This week the employers of Diamond Resorts International and Royal Palm Hotel will join the ranks of Nagico ,Telem and Windward Islands Bank , as they cooperate and make it possible for the first sessions of the Active Parenting Now in 3 (for parents with children between ages 5 – 12) and the Active Parenting of Teens (for parents of Teens) to be provided for their employees.

Both of these programs are introduced to the parents of students in both the FBE and PSVE (VSBO) schools on the island during the school year. However, there are some parents for whom it is difficult to follow the sessions at the schools during the evening hours. After realizing this situation DERPI decided to take the program to the private sector and has started facilitating various businesses with the Active Parenting Program.

Earlier this year, the Director of Personnel/HR Generalist at Diamond Resorts International and , management agreed to allow their employees to attend these sessions during their working hours. "It is a perfect time, because we are now in the off season" stated the Director of Personnel.

This is a win-win situation. Parents who were not able to attend the sessions of the Active Parenting Program at their child/ren school will now have the opportunity to do so during their working hours.

DERPI would like to thank and congratulate the Management of Diamond Resorts International for allowing the program to be run during the working hours of their employees and encourages all the participants to make use of this opportunity and fully participate in the sessions.

This program is a way to improve Parental Involvement in Education as part of the Innovations in Education in FBE and PSVE (VSBO) schools, known as "Opvoeding Ondersteuning" financed with Dutch Development Funds channeled through USONA.