EUTEL Successfully launches new company brand image through ”Eunited Evolution” community event

On Sunday, May 30, 2010 EUTEL, St. Eustatius Telephone Company successfully launched the new company brand image, which was developed by Innovative Marketing Creations (IMC), at the EUNITED EVOLUTION event. 

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In attendance, were members of the EUTEL Board of Directors, management, staff, and hundreds of Statians who came out to celebrate during this customer and community appreciation family fun day, in "EUnity."

An IMC team comprised of three which included General Manager, Jacqueline Louis and Marketing Assistants Miloushka Euson and Emmalexis Velasquez successfully conceived, planned and executed the EUNITED Evolution on behalf of EUTEL.

"The success of this event is measured not only by the large turnout, but more so by the unending support of everyone who came to be a part of this momentous occasion, and are now looking forward to other great campaigns to come," commented Jacqueline Louis, General Manager of IMC.

Featured was the unveiling of the new EUTEL building sign, as well as the new billboard that was placed in front of the EUTEL building to showcase the EUTEL brand, as well as the host of services provided by EUTEL. EUTEL also supplied free food and beverages throughout the entire event. Entertaining acts such as DJ Sense, The Rebels Band, and Mr. Ruffy and the band Pure from St. Martin, graced the stage and kept the crowd rocking. Activities were also provided for the youth, with a bounce house, Dexter the Clown and Mr. Friendly keeping them engaged throughout the day. Representing the youth, Statia’s very own K’lah Courtar mesmerized the audience as she sang the national anthem of St. Eustatius.

The unveiling was well received by the Statia community. Acting Lieutenant Governor Mr. Louis Brown, EUTEL Finance Manager, Mr. Devon Pandt, EUTEL Board Member, Malvern Dijkshoorn, presented the public with the definitions of the ongoing rebranding process and the future expectations and operations of EUTEL. Secretary of the board, Ms. Dijkshoorn- Lopes, advised the Statia community "to stand united for the occasion".

Also present were EUTEL Board members, Maxine Spanner, Wim de Jong, and Alvin Aventurin.

EUTEL set up a EUTEL activity tent that served as an information center for customers and attendees to gain information on EUTEL, as well as register for new services and sign up for the EUTEL mailing list. EUTEL ‘s activity tent also featured branded EUTEL bumper stickers that were given to the public.

During the event, EUTEL also announced the winner of the "My Eutel" Elementary School Creative Logo Competition which kicked off in April to involve the youth in EUTEL’s rebranding campaign. Among the five finalists who competed for the winning slots were Martijn De Jong-Golden Rock Elementary, Daniel De Bruin from Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) School, as well as three entries from Governor De Graaf School including, Maciel Martines, Gershon Herera, and Kevin Lijfrock. After much audience votes, Daniel from Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) School was presented with the winning trophy with 49 votes, and took home the winning trophy, a mini lap top and won 5 new computers to start a computer center for the (SDA) School.

Mr. Pandt stated that more than 80% of their donations were given to the youth organizations of Statia. EUTEL donated FLS 1000, – to every participating school as well as a quality printer.

In addition, EUTEL also acknowledged and donated FLS 5000, – to the St Eustatius Summer Fest Committee towards the Balloon Jump up/Youth Extravaganza.

EUNITED EVOLUTION attendees were also awarded prizes. The public was able to part take in various raffles by completing EUTEL surveys, filling out EUTEL registration cards, and by voting for the My EUTEL Elementary School Creative Logo Competition. Winners were presented with new cellular phones on behalf of EUTEL.

EUTEL‘s staff were acknowledged for their continuous involvement and dedication towards the rebranding process with complimentary gift bags at the closing of the event.

IMC General Manager along with EUTEL’s Vice-Chair of Board Directors, Alvin Aventurin along with members of the press conducted a post event press conference yesterday morning that covered the success of the event as well as future expectations for EUTEL which will be aired on CTC TV as of today.

Ms. Louis also touched on upcoming EUTEL campaigns such as the EU-Link campaign which will be launched in the upcoming months. The campaign will target the Statia community to become increasingly involved with EUTEL as they proceed to upgrade and rebrand. The campaign will be the next big step in EUTEL’s ongoing evolution.

There is a lot in store for the Statia community and EUTEL urges the public to stay tuned and become more involved in the ongoing success of this process. "EUTEL is dedicated to serve their customers at the level of high-quality service they deserve and are remaining dedicated to this rebranding process to fulfill that promise", closed Alvin Aventurin during the press conference.

EUTEL, St. Eustatius Telephone company is the leading telecommunications provider in St. Eustatius. EUTEL provides a full-scale of telecommunications services to Statia including: land line, internet, cellular and public phone service. Through EUTEL’s EUNITED Evolution process, the company stands proud to serve and connect St. Eustatians globally with One Touch. One community. One World.