Press Release from The District Band

The members and management of District Band would like to make it clear to all of their fans that at no time did any member of the District Band attack members of SCDF as stated in an article published by the Daily Herald on Tuesday. 

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As a matter of fact, members of management upon learning that Officials Band had won band of the year and seeing the reaction of other bands outside of the village decided to seek clarification from SCDF. The question posed by District Band to SCDF President and Vice President was: Were the rules changed and when were they changed? As a matter of fact, when District Band musical manager approached SCDF, no member of Official was present.

Contrary to what was also published in the newspaper, District Band did pass inspection and met the dress code requirement as stipulated by SCDF.

The issue at hand was that the bands were dumbfounded that the vice president of SCDF after making the rules could stand and announce Officials Band as the winner knowing that the band did not play at the opening of Carnival and as such did not meet the criteria as agreed upon by all bands in a meeting prior to carnival. It was not a matter of who should be band of the year, because District Band is a group of young people who were mentally prepared by management to go out there and have clean fun and make music that revelers would enjoy and talk about for the rest of the year. District Band achieved what they set out to do as they made a great impression on the people of St. Maarten and visitors alike.

It is quite unfortunate that this fiasco took place, leaving carnival with yet another black eye. We do maintain that the bands all rocked this year and we congratulate all of them on a job well done. Keep your head up and always remember to hold yuh balance and don’t let SCDF put you down.