Baseball tryouts to join French Baseball selection teams

French St. Martin Baseball & Softball Association & the St. Martin Pony League to host Baseball tryouts to join French Baseball selection teams

From May 8, 2010 French St. Martin Baseball and Softball Association will be having as guest the Manager of the French Baseball Team Mr. Sylvain Virey, who will be conducting baseball tryouts on the island of St. Martin with the intention of selecting players for the various French selection teams. 

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Obviously his main assignment is to have a 40 men roster "the elite French list" whom will have to start practicing in order to be ready for the upcoming World Baseball Classic of 2013. Mr. Virey will also be looking at younger players to form other French baseball selections such as a 21 and under, a 17 and under, and a 15 and under selection team who will be playing in the various European or world tournaments. The tryouts will also be to select players that do not have a French passport of which maximum 2 players are allowed on each of the various teams competing in the French baseball competition.

Already Rene Leverette of St. Martin is among this "elite list" but we ( Local Baseball Organizers and Mr.Virey ) are of the opinion that more players could be placed on this list. Mr. Virey and his staff will be conducting tryouts as of May 8, 2010 on the Luis Vanterpool Stadium in Marigot and is looking forward in meeting all the St. Martin Baseball talents and managers.