Greater Empowerment for Black Women Part 2


Opinion Editorial by CEO and Founder Phill Wilson

Black women can also empower themselves by taking greater control of their lives — sexual or otherwise. Most women have the power to decide whether or not they will be intimate with someone and what the intimacy will entail. But there are a tremendous number of factors — from not having enough money, to feeling a low sense of self-worth, to worrying about violence in their relationships — that keep Black women from expressing this power in every aspect of their lives, including sexual decision making. Our community needs to support Black women as they make constructive choices about life — about education, childbearing, their future and, of course, their sexual well-being. We also need to change our cultural norms to celebrate a woman loving herself and having enough self-esteem to carry condoms and insist on .using them

On top of that, it’s essential that Black women start taking better care of themselves — mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Between caring for their children, handling their job, looking after their elders and keeping up with their partner’s well-being, many Black women place self-care last on their list of concerns. We need to change that aspect of Black American culture.

It’s time that we allow Black women to place themselves at the top of the priority list so that they can make healthier food choices for themselves and everyone else, find time to exercise, obtain their degrees or upgrade their skills, and engage in other replenishing activities. Because the truth is, when a Black woman becomes ill or her well-being otherwise suffers, the community of people depending on her struggles as well. For women who are already HIV positive, taking care of yourself includes seeking medical treatment and adhering to the drug and self-care regimen that your doctor prescribes. Black women can save themselves because Black women are greater than AIDS

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