Registration of 4 to 9 year old children

The Department of Education hereby informs all parents that the second phase of the implementation of compulsory education continues from March 8 through March 12th 2010 with the registration of children between the ages of 4 and 9. 

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This registration is important in order to get an accurate picture of the number of children whose status is not regulated (the undocumented) that need to be placed within the school system for the upcoming school year.

Parents are advised to bring along the following original documents as well as copied of said documents:

– An original birth certificate of the child

– The passport of the child (especially if the child was not born on St. Maarten)*

– A valid residence permit (if there is one)

– 2 passport pictures of the child

– Identification (passport) of the person registering the child

– If the registration is not being done by the parent, proof of legal guardianship.

– Report card of child

– Immunization card

All birth certificates in a foreign language must be officially translated in English or Dutch.

*The information page of the passport should be photocopied.

The Department of Education is located on the N. Debrot Street (across from the post office). Should there be questions, please contact us at 542-3718 or visit the Department of Education during the registration period.

Parents/guardians of undocumented children are strongly urged to make use of this registration period.