Commissioner Marlin meets management of St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation


On Tuesday August 25th Commissioner William Marlin met with the Interim Managing Director of the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation, Hubert Leo Chance, and the Acting Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Martin Hassink.


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The managing director made a power point presentation on the current situation, the organizational structure, the financial situation and the future plans of the organization.

Additionally Chance explained upon assuming his new role, a quick analysis of the financial state of the SMHDF, its operations, maintenance, IT system, and workforce was done. A plan of action has been initiated in order to proceed forward.

Commissioner Marlin was pleased to have the meeting and he added that some ideas and future plans were exchanged to tackle the challenges that the SMHDF are experiencing.

Chance explained some of the fundamentals concerning housing, the preamble which states that all governments without exception have a responsibility to the community. as exemplified by the creation of housing agencies, by their allocation of funds for the housing sector, and by their policies, programs, and projects; and the fundamental law of housing.

The Belvedere Housing development, the "Government homes outside of Belvedere", and the Senior homes are all managed by the foundation.