Cultural demonstration at Bel Air Community Center


On July 17, 2009, there was a short cultural demonstration of the 6-member cultural group who will be representing St. Maarten during the Kingdom Games, a Cultural and Sports event held every 2 years within the Netherlands Antilles & Aruba to foster communal bonds.


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The event will take place from July 21st to the 27th, 2009. This year the events will emphasize the 17 and under age group. The theme is "Power."

Khimony Antoine, Danielle Borsje, Anisa Dijkhoffz, Tanvi Goklanni, Saskia Jones, Rochelle Miller—are the participants who will be traveling with their chaperon Dorothy Lake, who said that the young ladies are looking forward to the trip and participating in the Cultural event on the 23 of July.

The goal of the event is to promote mutual respect between the young competitors regardless of cultural and social background, Lake said.

Each group will have to perform an original piece, which was put together in different ways by: Stacy Hein, Clara Reyes, Susan Hein, Kimberly Milan, and Arlene Harley.

The performance is a dance routine, consisting of a poem and a hip hop section.

Each cultural group will participate in the Cultural activities part of the Kingdom Games and in the daily workshops, meant to hone the skills of the young participants.

The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, & Education, the Netherlands, and the host country.