Nicole Erna Mae Francis, MA, DD: To Launch “How to Thrive In Trying Times”, A Book

Many have lost hope and therefore a reason to live in the midst of our global and socio-economic crises. So dire has become the situation for many that persons have resorted to murder and suicide. Recently, a spate of murder-suicides of entire families was reported in the States and other parts of the world, as persons struggle with the dismal situations with which they are confronted.

In a direct response to the local and global challenges that persons from all walks of life are facing, Dr. Nicole Erna Mae Francis, founder and director of Victorious Living Foundation, is soon to launch her book, "How to Thrive in Trying Times."

Our modern times confront us with many issues which touch our lives at every level. On the one hand, regional conflicts and terrorism with both global economic and political crises loom on the horizon. On the other hand, our communities struggle with a plethora of social issues including family disruption, juvenile crime, and corrupt officials.


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How to Thrive in Trying Times presents a profound message of hope pointing to the key elements necessary to regain focus and joy in a world of socio-economic and political crises.

Rev Dr. Aldansa Ambrose, founder and director of Grace Hill Bible College, Irvington, N.J. says this about How to Thrive in Trying Times: "With approximately six billion people in this world travelling through life with immense pain, disappointments, fear and so many other hurdles to leap over, bridges to cross, tunnels to travel through, people need to know how to thrive in trying times. This book is simple to follow. The content is well outlined to bring clarity to you on your journey."

Dr. Randall Friday, founder of Women’s Health Services NV, in St. Maarten provides his feedback on How to Thrive in Trying Times: "It is refreshing to know that you are not the first person to ask the question, "Why me?" With the new found insight from this book, you can now help others who are asking similar questions.

Myrna James, an educator in Hyattsville Maryland, gave her description of How to Thrive in Trying Times: "Awesome job! This is a very practical guide for living in God’s favor during these difficult times."

Francis plans to launch How to Thrive in Trying Times on March 7th at the Belair Community Center. All persons are invited to attend. The evening promises to be one to provide hope, inspiration and motivation to all in attendance that indeed we can thrive in the midst of these trying times. A percentage of the proceeds from the book will be donated to Victorious Living’s mentorship program, Family & Friends Network™ to help sustain its work.

The soon-to-be released book will be available through Ingram’s Books,, directly from the publisher at, or through the book order hotline at (888) 280-7715. Books will also be available at Victorious Living Healing Restoration and Training Center, located at 158 B. Back Street, and at local retail stores soon to be announced. For more details or to pre-order, persons may contact Victorious Living at 542-2663 or 524-8731 or e-mail vi*****************@gm***.com