TelEm Group Takes Customer Satisfaction to the Next Level with Upgraded Mobile Postpaid Plans


TelEm Group’s upgraded mobile postpaid plans at a glance.
Pond Island – TelEm Group, the leading telecommunication provider, is excited to announce a major upgrade to its Mobile Postpaid plans. The company has taken the time to evaluate customer feedback and is responding by offering subscribers more data-centric plans. Starting April 1 st , 2023, all existing subscribers to the Smart, Smarter, Smartest, and Genius plans will automatically receive an upgrade to their service.     
The upgrade includes at least double the data, ranging from 12GB to 60GB, increased voice minutes, unlimited minutes on select plans, and automatic roaming.
All plans will also include rollover data, allowing unused data to be automatically rolled over into the next month.   
 “We are committed to meeting the growing demand for data and minutes and providing our existing and future subscribers with the best possible value for their money”, said Mrs. Zambrini, TelEm Group Residential Manager Marketing & Sales.
“People want to stay connected at all times, and we aim to meet their needs starting with the upgrades to our Postpaid plans.” 
She further explained that the upgrades are available to all existing subscribers at no additional cost and no increase in monthly fees. TelEm Group aims to provide its existing and future subscribers with seamless connectivity, and the upgrades will help them stay connected at all times.  
“This is a super upgrade that will benefit both our longstanding and future subscribers,” said Mrs. Zambrini. “We are confident that our customers will appreciate the increased data and voice minutes and the automatic rollover data.”  
Everyone who subscribes to any of the four mentioned Postpaid plans between April 3 rd and May 31 st will receive two free months of TelTV+ on the GO. Thus, it is the perfect time for new subscribers to take advantage of the new and improved Mobile Postpaid plans by applying online via the website www.telemsx/mobile/postpaid.
TelEm Group is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service and support. The upgrades to the Mobile Postpaid plans are just the latest example of this commitment, and the company looks forward to continuing to exceed its customers’ expectations.