The head of ICT of the Country Sint Maarten, M.D. has been arrested today in the ‘SEABASS’ investigation. SEABASS is a long-term investigation in which the National Detectives investigate irregularities in the procurement of ICT projects in recent years. M.D. is suspected of abuse of his
position when awarding of public ICT tenders, government fraud and money laundering of the unlawful proceeds. The investigation identified several persons and legal entities as suspects. In addition, amounts of money and a plot of land were seized. J.L. has already been arrested by the
National Detectives as part of this investigation. J.L. is currently in custody. More arrests are not excluded.
The National Detectives are conducting this investigation because the actions of the accused undermine the integrity of the public administration and the trust in the civil service. Administrative responsibilities and business interests seem to be intertwined. This is at the expense of the quality and price of the products supplied to the government and distorts the level playing field for businesses.