The Department of Statistics and the Department of Public Health are pleased toinform the public about the ongoing government surveys aimed at gathering crucialdata for informed decision-making and policy formulation.

As of January 18 th, 2024, the Department of Statistics has deployed 14 skilled interviewers into the field to conduct the Labour Force Survey. These dedicated professionals will be actively engaging with residents until January 31, 2024, to collect valuable information that will contribute to a better understanding of our labour market and the calculation of the unemployment rate.
The Department of Public Health currently has 22 trained interviewers and 10 registered nurses in the field to perform the STEPS Health Survey. Interviewers conduct questionnaires and physical measurements, while nurses offer a blood test to assess chronic diseases and their risk factors among adults aged 18 to 69. The STEPS Survey is expected to run until August 31, 2024.
To ensure transparency and build public trust, all interviewers have been equipped with a government-issued ID badge that prominently displays the following details:
 Interviewer’s Name

 Unique ID#
 Survey Name (“Labour Force Survey” or “STEPS”)
 Interviewers and nurses working for the STEPS Survey are wearing a distinct dark-blue colored t-shirt with the STEPS logo on it (see figure 1).
These measures are implemented to provide residents with the assurance that the individuals conducting interviews are authorized representatives of the Department of Statistics and the Department of Public Health of are actively participating in the designated surveys.
The Department of Statistics and the Department of Public Health would like to express gratitude to the community for their cooperation and support in facilitating the smooth execution of these essential surveys. The gathered data will play a pivotal role in shaping policies that address the current and future needs of our diverse workforce.
Residents are encouraged to engage openly and honestly with the interviewers to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the collected information. Your participation is invaluable in creating a comprehensive and representative dataset that will ultimately benefit the entire community.
For any inquiries or concerns related to the ongoing surveys, please contact the Department of Statistics at +1 (721) 559-7492 or 542-2026/542-0349 ext. 2627 or the Department Public Health at +1 (721) 542-2026/542-0349 ext. 2361.
Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to building a stronger, more informed community.