SZV emphasizes compliance and prevention of fraud

In light of recent events concerning non-compliance by a healthcare provider, Social & Health Insurances SZV reiterates the significance of compliance among all healthcare service providers and insurance benefits recipients. SZV has recently terminated a contract with a healthcare provider due to a significant breach of compliance regulations. This decision underlines SZV’s commitment to enforce strict adherence to all regulations and standards, ensuring the sustainability of our social and health insurance benefits.
“Compliance is the cornerstone of our system,” says Mr. Glen A. Carty, SZV Director. “Misuse of resources not only
deprive eligible individuals of access to the social & health benefits but also undermine the credibility of our
healthcare system. We believe that compliance plays a vital role in creating a secure, efficient, and transparent
system that benefits everyone. SZV will not hesitate to take the necessary action against entities found in violation
of the laws.”
Additionally, SZV clients are reminded of their role in maintaining compliance. This responsibility includes providing
accurate information, ensuring an up to-date profile via the MySZV insured portal and Employer’s portal, and
reporting any irregularities that may signal misuse of the SZV benefits. Every client’s vigilance is essential in
preserving the integrity of our health care system.
SZV is determined to take stringent measures against any form of non-compliance. We remain steadfast in our
commitment to safeguard the public interest, and we will continue to strive for the highest standard of
transparency, accountability, and service delivery. Together, let’s protect and preserve the health care system that
serves us all.