Ministry of Justice Celebrates Justice Day 2023 with Grand Parade

The Ministry of Justice of Sint Maarten marked Justice Day on July 17th, 2023, with a spectacular parade through the streets of Philipsburg. The event brought together troops and representatives from various justice organizations, showcasing unity and solidarity in the pursuit of justice.
The parade commenced at the Government Building on Soualiga Road, where participants assembled with enthusiasm. The ceremony began with the soul-stirring rendition of the National Song of Sint Maarten, performed by Immigration Officer Mr. Leroy Brooks. The Honorable Minister of Justice, Anna E. Richardson, delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing gratitude to the esteemed dignitaries present, including His Excellency Governor Ajamu Baly, Honorable Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, the Honorable Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Drs. Rodolph Samuel and other distinguished guests.
Minister Richardson emphasized the significance of the day and the importance of coming together to celebrate Justice Day. She extended her appreciation to all the officers and staff from various agencies, with the special attendance and inclusion of VKS and the Brigade for their coordination and participation in the parade. The Minister concluded her speech by wishing everyone a joyous Justice Day.
Following the opening ceremony, His Excellency Governor Ajamu Baly, Honorable Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, and Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson conducted the inspection of the troops. The dignitaries meticulously reviewed the formation, ensuring precision and discipline among the participants.
With the inspection completed, the command to begin the parade was given. The Marching Justice Troops, set off from the Government Building in a grand procession. The parade order comprised two convertible vehicles carrying the reigning Mr. Justice, Mr. Basilio Jack, Ms. Justice, Ms. Angelique Edouard, and the reigning Mr. Justice Song Festival, Mr. Davidson Charles. They were followed by flag bearers from VKS, Drumband VKS, Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM), Immigration and Border Protection Services (IBP), the Dutch Caribbean Coast-Guard, Point Blanche Prison (HVB), Voluntary Corps of St Maarten (VKS) and the Brigade of Sint Maarten.
The parade route encompassed various streets of Philipsburg, including Soualiga Road, Salt Pickers Roundabout, D.A Peterson Street, Gevangenis Steeg, Back Street, School Steeg, and Front Street. The procession provided an opportunity for His Excellency Ajamu Baly, Members of Parliament, Minister Richardson, department heads, and council members to observe the parade from their vantage point on Front Street.
The parade culminated as the troops made their way back to the Government Building, where civil servants and visitors greeted them with a resounding applause, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to justice.
The Ministry of Justice extends its gratitude to all participants, organizers, and the public for their support and participation in making the Justice Day Parade a remarkable success. Special acknowledgement of the Court of Guardianship and the KMAR for their attendance and support. Such events reinforce the Ministry’s commitment to upholding justice, safeguarding the rights of all citizens, and maintaining the peace and harmony of Sint Maarten.