Department of Sports launches its 2019 Sports Awareness Campaign with its Annual Sports Conference in collaboration with NPOwer SXM


The Department of Sports (DoS) in collaboration with NPOwer SXM is proud to kick off the 2019 Sports Awareness Campaign with the Annual Sports Conference which will be held from Wednesday March 27, 2019 to Friday March 29, 2019 and cater to the various sport organizations.

The Sports Conference which is organized by the DoS on an annual basis in collaboration with the National Sports Institute (NSI) and the Sint Maarten Sports Olympic Federation (SMSOF) and other local organizations is geared toward the continuous development of Sint Maarten’s Local Sports Governing bodies. During the Sports Conference there will be a number of seminars available to the sporting organizations, on a number of topics which include but are not limited to good governance, safe guarding and management and development of the non-governmental organizations. Also during the three day conference the Department along with the St. Maarten Sport and Olympic Federation and the National Sports Institute will be presenting their yearly schedules

The Sports Conferences which starts on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 and continues through to Friday March 29, 2019 will be held at the Government Administration building (meeting rooms) and cover the following topics:
• Wednesday, March 27th 2019, 6-8 P.M (Administration of Non-Governmental Organizations)
• Thursday, March 28th 2019, 6-8 P.M (Management and development of Non-Governmental Organizations)
• Friday, March 29th 2019, 2-5 P.M. (Safe Guarding, Good Governance and DoS, NSI, SMSOF Presentation)

The Sports Conference will be used an avenue to further develop and foster the human capacity of the sports organizations on the island therefore making the sporting administrators a more formidable partner within the community. The Department would like to therefore extend an invitation to all Local Sports Governing bodies to attend this three day event at the Government Administration Building. For further information and to register, contact Christian Grannum at +1 721 542 2999 by Friday March 22, 2019.

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