St. Martin players forming part of the French National Baseball Selection

In the games played so far, Felix Brown connected a homerun in each of the first two game. Both homeruns were connected in deep center field. In the second game Felix also did what could be considered as ” the play of the game ” when he robbed a sure hit from an African batter and closed off the Africans at bat. Just after that – in the bottom of the ninth – he opened for France connecting a deep center field homerun. Felix has proven time and time again that ” he can rise to the occassion ” and hit a baseball very deep.

On the other hand, Franklin de la Rosa ” the monster on the mound “, pitched 2 innings in game 2 as well as game number 3 in the city of Durban, South Africa. France won game 3 …… 11 – 9.

These players have been selected because of their behavior on the field as well as off the field. St.Martin Pony League is proud to have taken part in the selection of these players for the French National Baseball selection. Long live the St. Martin Pony League and the FFBS