CPS with different stakeholders working hard to get rid of mosquitoes

“A department within the Ministry of Public Health, social development and labor is busy having meetings with different partners and stakeholders in order to combat the spread of mosquitoes throughout our communities,” said Maria Henry, Representative of CPS (Head of the Section General Health Care).

The Collective Department in collaboration with VectorStars and Mobocon planned and executed a consultation and informative evening at the Government Administration Building to hear from the local residents and partners in the community. The meetings are to assess the mosquito situation and to discuss possible collaborative activities to in order exchange information and ideas on the combating and elimination of health threats of mosquito bore diseases such as Zika, Chikunguyna, and Dengue.

Thus after the passing of Hurricane Irma, the CPS has resumed its (once again initiated a) media campaign to let the public know about its various activities and the elimination of mosquito breeding sites and activities.

With the assistance of VectorStars and that of a Medical Entomologist (RVIM), along with other Departments from different islands, i.e. BES islands, CPS is working hard in trying to reduce the amount of mosquitoes in the different communities.

According to Marieta Braks, the Medical Entomologist, Coordinator of Mobocon with the responsibility for the BES islands as it relates to decreasing the mosquito population, “to reduce the amount of mosquitoes takes a lot of manpower and a lot of financial resources—both of which are limited; so we have to do the best with what we have. To help more in this process is the community; if they can reduce the amount of breeding areas in the yard and surrounding areas, then the mosquito population will decrease.

Thus CPS is busy working with community groups, students, and households, in order to reduce the pesky population.

What efforts has been done so far, from results of a recent survey, shows that people know about mosquitoes, know what it takes to get rid of breeding sites and know that if they don’t take preventive measures to control mosquito population, then there will be an increase around the homes, and consequently, probably sicknesses.

So the CPS is gathering the troops to fight mosquitoes. Please call CPS for more information.

Present at meeting were those persons who worked with the local community and is active with the Vector Control Activities on St. Maarten. St. Eustatius, and specialists from the United Sates and the Netherlands, along with Community Development Officers, who are stationed by the Help Desks at the different districts. It is the aim to assess, improve and strengthen local vector response; planning and activities by means of an integrated approach, starting with the community said Henry, representative of CPS

For more information or to consult with us at our location, please call: 542-1122, or 542-1570 or email: ve************@si************.org.