Scorers in Antigua & Barbuda upskill at WICB workshop

JOHN’S, Antigua – A dozen scorers from Antigua & Barbuda got a chance to expand their skills, when the West Indies Cricket Board recently staged a workshop here.


Noted Barbadian cricket scorer/statistician Harold Eastmond conducted the workshop which was staged at the Halycon Cove Resort. (See image attached)


During the workshop, Eastmond introduced the participants to the linear scoring method and exposed them to a number of different computer scoring solutions.


“The importance of the scorer in the modern game is often overlooked, so this was a valuable experience for the scorers that participated,” said Eastmond.


“The WICB wants a uniform style of scoring in the Caribbean with all the territories using the same systems and this workshop will help enable the scorers in Antigua & Barbuda to get exposure to some of the best scoring systems on the market.”

Caption: Harold Eastmond makes a point to participants during scoring workshop
Caption: Harold Eastmond makes a point to participants during scoring workshop

Eastmond added: “The aim is that when the WICB stages any of its competitions in the various territories they have scorers capable of providing accurate statistical information on the happenings in the game in a timely manner for distribution to other stakeholders.


“This workshop was excitedly received by the participants. Most of the scorers were still using a scoring method in existence for hundreds of years, but they were far more competent in the linear scoring method and full use of one of the leading computer scoring programmes on the market by the end of the exercise.”


Joset Jacobs, WICB project officer in the cricket operations department, said scoring, especially at regional matches, is ready for a major upgrade.


“This will pave the way for more sophisticated and efficient scoring, and transfer of data to our stakeholders, especially the fans and the Media, in a smooth and timely manner,” she said.


“We are currently served by a number of seasoned scorers during regional and international matches, but we are planning to extend this training to other territories to give them a greater appreciation for their role and the value that they bring to the game.


“Currently, resources can become stretched when we stage matches, particularly during our development tournaments, and this we hope will assist the territories with having a higher number of trained scorers available to them to cover matches.”


During the second ONEINDIG One-day International between West Indies and England last Sunday at the Vivian Richards Cricket Ground in Antigua, the participants at the workshop comprising of two men and 10 women, including Jacobs, scored on the game as part of their assessment. (See image attached).


This is the second workshop of its kind the WICB has staged in as many years. Eastmond previously conducted training for scorers in Grenada.