Sports Report 2nd Qualifier Carifta games February 18th  2017.

The St. Maarten Amateur Athletic Association hosted the second qualifier for the Carifta games 2017. / Caribbean Youth Olympics.

This trial took place over the week end of February 18th at the Raoul Illidge Sports complex.  

This was a very successful event with a participation of approximately 20 athletes.  The 3rd and last qualifier will take place one month later. This will give athletes who did not make the standards a last opportunity to try and still qualify. 

Events executed where: Sprints 100 & 200 meters.  – 400 meters – 800 meters  – Javelin throw- shot-put – Long jump .    


Here are the results of the event held over the weekend.

  • By the males under 18 years of age: In first place on the 100 meters sprint we had Jearemy Drijvers, no stranger to sprinting, last year participant at the Carifta Games in GRENADA, with a best time of : 11:5 Seconds.
  • In Second place was a new comer Havish ………….with a time of 11:7 seconds.
  • In third place Nathan Clifford with a time of 11:8 seconds.
  • In fourth place: Dalton Samuel with a time of 12:00 seconds.
  • Fifth Akeem Gumbs Time: 12:4
  • Sixth Denzel Washington time : 12:5 Seconds.
  • Seventh Kyle Fleming  Time : 12:9 Seconds
  • Eight Nathan Casimir Time: 13: 00 Sec.


In the Sprint Girls Under 18th Years of age. .

  1. First place : Shana Thompson with a time of 13:5 Seconds.


In the 200 meters  Male under 18 years:

1.First place Jearemy Drijvers  time: 24:1 seconds.

  1. Second Havish Time: 25.6 seconds.
  2. Nathan Clifford Time: 26:1 second.
  3. Kyle Flemming Time 27:5 seconds
  4. Akeem Gumbs Time: 28:00 Seconds.

6.Nathan Casimir Time: 28:6 Seconds. 


By the Female you had Nr1. Shana Thompson with a Time:  28:4. Seconds.


Results 400 Meters sprint:

1.Leshawn Brown  Last year participant at the Carifta Games in Grenada, placed nr one with a time of : 57:5 sec.

2.In Second Place: Dominique Fraser Time  58.7 seconds.

3.Zairo Melfor Time 1min and 13 seconds.

4.Adrian Arrindell  Time: 1 Minute 15 Seconds.


Results In the 800 meters:

1st place: Dominque Fraser Time 2: 25 Minutes.

2nd Place Zairo Melfor Time: 2 Min 31sec.

3rd Place Adrian Arrindell  Time: 2 Min 33 Sec.

4th Place Malacai  Duzong  Time: 2 Min 41 sec.

5th Place Ejomar Shillingford Time 3: Min 00.


Results In the Long Jump Category:

1st Place Denzel Washington distance 5:20 Meters.

2nd Place Dalton Sameul Distance 5: 00 Meters.

3rd Place Nathan Clifford 4:90 Meters.


  Results in the Javelin Throw:

1st Place Leshawn Brown  Distance 49:25 Meters.

2nd Place : Christian Holiday 24:65 Meters.



Results in the Shot put:

1st Place: Leshawn Brown Distance 12:15 Meters.

2nd Akeem Gumbs  Distance : 11:05 Meters.

3rd Christian Holiday Distance 10:79 Meters.

4th Nathan Clifford 6:43 Meters.


Due to test week at the different school many children did not take part. Next qualifier is slated to take place on the 18th of March 2017. We are looking forward to see all athletes / school youths come out and take part.



Ø On and other note: a RAFFLE is currently taking place drawing date has be moved to the 28th of February.

The purpose of this raffle is to minimize the cost of travel to the Carifta.  Price for one number is only two dollars. Prizes are:  two weekend stay vacation at oyster bay & Bellaire resorts and two winair tickets to where ever winiar fly’s .


Drawing will take place on February 28th 2017 Smart Play Robbie’s Lotteries.




CARIFTA GAMES 46th edition will take place in Curacao from April 14th to 18th 2017.



For more info:

Please contact: Coach Les Brown

Phone: 5879089 – 5279089.

Email: Le*******@ya***.com