SXM in the whirlwind of Dutch politics.

A lot of indignation reigned during the discussions on the appointment of a quartermaster by the Dutch government and rightfully so. The Dutch minister (Plasterk) has  however remained undeterred and firm: “The quarter master will come, it was an agreement and SXM procrastinated.” 

Did we?

The govt. of SXM learned  of the appointment via the press, evoking a caution from the Finance minister Gibson that newspapers can be wrong. True, in this world of “false news”, even newspapers can be tricked. 

However, in the Netherlands, this news was an orchestrated part of simultaneous and official publications. Algemene Nieuws (BZK); Rijksbelastingsdienst of January 13th. 

Dr. mr. Hans Leijten, a celebrated Marechaussee in his own right; his departure from the tax department, after  barely a year has evoked mixed reactions. 

Some say he did so in disgrace; others say he refused to be the fall guy.

Fall guy for whom?

Plasterk is not contesting this election. 

The VVD party of Prime Minister Rutte has some serious issues. The VVD has seen the demise of 4 top persons due to the van Teelen Affaire, the last one (they hope) being Verscheuren. 

While the van Teelen Affaire played out in the Justice realm and Justice officials had to go, the Dutch tax office is facing its own perils. State Secretary for Fiscal Affairs, Mr. Wiebers (VVD),  has admitted his shortcomings to the second chamber. An investigation into affairs at the Dutch tax department is not flattering and that is putting it mildly. 

No sooner did Mr.  Leijten resign, or it was announced that he will be the quartermaster for St. Maarten’s doomed Integrity Chamber. No sooner did he resign or his successor was appointed. And we must believe this whole affair is not bigger than the integrity chamber on St. Maarten?  And we must feel guilty? Guilty of what? 

Kind regards, 

S. Wescot-Williams, MP (DP)