History is repeating itself?

The behavior of the French authorities or may I say the administrators of the territories of the republic of France in this instance Saint Martin/ St Maarten goes back more than 200 hundred years or the 19th century. The following paragraph is taken from a document I am reading online which says the following: “In the 19th century, there was an interest in the bordering territories in each of the French colonies concerned that had implications for their Dutch neighbors. In other words the French overseas administrators projected acts of contiguous expansion which were not lacking in consequences for the Dutch possessions. After the abolition of slavery the French metropolis planned in 1848 to annex the Dutch part of the island of Saint Martin/St Maarten, so people these acts are not new. These are acts of imperialism which is defined by the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as 1 imperial government, authority or system, 2 the policy practice or advocacy of extending the power and dominion of a nation especially by direct territorial acquisitions or by gaining indirect control over the political and economic life of other areas or broadly the extension or imposition of power authority or influence. So we have the giant super power France imposing its power and might on the Dutch side of St Maarten. This act started over 200 years ago and for whatever reason is continuing today. It will be interesting to see what small Netherlands will do. At the same time however the brothers and sisters on this small island are caught between the crossfire if I should call it such. History is repeating itself. In conclusion let me add the following; During this dispute you might here that laws supports certain actions but let us not forget that it was legal to own slaves based on the laws that were established back then. Morality and integrity had nothing to do with it, hence make sure and take a good look at the laws that were made while we were yet physical slaves. 


George Pantophlet