Finally things are being done

Member of Parliament George Pantophlet says finally things are being done. It is becoming very obvious that the National Alliance led government knows how to get things done. Soon the different Ministries will be housed in the new administration building which is a major achievement. The reconstruction of The Prins Willem Alexander School will begin soon, the law that gives the Receiver’s office the authority to collect the outstanding casino fees is finally in place. We have lost millions in these fees. There is still much more to be done and this is the reason why the National Alliance needs a full mandate for 4 years. The casino gaming board has to become a reality. The consumer protection agency has to be put in place. What the Member of Parliament has been pursuing vehemently also is the issue of Schools being charged commercial rates, this has to change. He is confident that giving the National Alliance the full mandate will ensure this takes place. The ongoing discussions on the short term contract better known as the 6 month contract. The National Alliance while in the opposition benches submitted an initial draft ordinance supported by Member of Parliament Frans Richardson  to deal with the abuse of this contract in 2011 and 5 years later it has not been finalized. One of the cardinal points as of late is the fact that when this law is established, it has to go retroactive, this is to prevent persons that have been on short term contracts for years from losing their years of service. Another issue is the taxing of pensioners who have paid their dues, invested in buildings such as apartments and now are being taxed which the Member considers double taxation. And furthermore they should not be placed in the same tax bracket as the regular tax payers. These are things that can be dealt with by a National Alliance government who has the full mandate. We cannot be looking over our shoulder in uncertainty fearing that someone might jump ship because his or her personal agenda not that of the people is not addressed. There are many more issues but will deal with them as time goes by. Finally the job is being done.